Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Video - Weighted Nuts

A local sub boy, drone76420, came over for a night of fun recently, and I decied it was time to start using the dumbell weights I have been keeping on hand.

I started out with putting him on his knees, arms restrained with the Clejuso Heavy Weight Handcuffs, and I fitted on this head the Leather Puffy Hood. Then it was time for one of my favorite forms of breath control, mouth-to-mouth rebreathing. He seemed to really enjoy that!

After a bit of that type of play with him, it was time to get him into position, so I fitted him with the Neoprene Straitjacket and set to work roping him up so that his upper body would be held standing up. Fitting his nuts with one of my favorite ball vises it was time to set to work on getting him to take some heavy weight.

Just some light little weights to start, but moving on to dumbell weights was were I really wanted to get him, especially after I got his nuts swinging. I love the sound of his moaning.

For those that are disappointed you didn't get to see him finish, you will have to wait for the next video of his, this was just the beginning of his evening.

Gear Used in this Video
Leather Puffy Hood
Fetters Front Buckle Gag
Neoprene Straitjacket
Clejuso Heavy Weight Handcuffs

Direct Link to Video

Floating in a rubber straitjacket

Cute little badass

Blond Leather Boys

It's all about the boots

Boy's first leather jacket

Puppies in Position

Licking rubber boots

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Double Sleepsack

Back during MIR I planned to use a particularly interesting piece of gear: A double sleepsack. 

I borrowed this one from my friend Kinkidiver. It consists of two rubber sheets, sealed together, with a double zip running across chest area. It is large enough for two people to lay side by side. There are two head openings, one that had an attached gas mask hood (with the eyes taped over) and the other is a open faced hood. For this scene I used a sleepsack hood over that open faced hood with an internal blindfold, so that we both were n a world of darkness for this scene. 

My puppy, pup bo d0ppel, and put in a pot full of J-lube & water batch to make it as slippery inside as possible, then we climbed inside to play around for a while. 

Thanks to Tallboytx for assisting with watching over us!

Defiantly one of the more interesting experiences!

Hot Rubbbermen

Awesome straitjacket set

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Puppy play.... Seriously

Twitter is an amazing tool. It allows you to participate or listen into numerous conversations at once. It has been a little challenging to participate for me lately, so I pop into twitter from time to time and just see what is going on. This week there was a tweet that has stuck in my head. 

I want to say first that I am not calling anyone out for an argument, so therefore won't specifically identify the those that were having the conversation; at the same time I hope that they don't mind me running with their thought by turning it into a post. 

The tweet that stuck with me was, "I used to be a puppy, but I tend to find it a turn off, preferring more serious SIR/boy play".

It is a pretty easy inference to make from this that puppy play is not a serious form of play. And that has stuck in my head for the last couple of days. 

I suppose that it is because I have never viewed it that way, as a pup or as a handler. 

When I am working with a puppy and trying to get them to the headspace, there are a variety of tools that I can use. For some pups I can use bondage or pain to focus their attention into the moment, allowing for their instinctual selves to come forward. Another tool is an intense connection between handler and pup, creating an intimacy that allows the boy to feel safe enough to allow himself to be the pup. I can also set up a scene where the control is so well established, such an integral part of the scene, that the boy is motivated to release himself from the tight grip of his own identity and go into the headspace in order to garner approval. 

Or I can just start in on some random play and let it flow as a good time for all, something I tend to think of as romping around kind of pup play.. 

I separate out that last one because I think that is the default mode most handlers to jump into when they are setting up a pup play scene. They bring out the chew toys, and the dog bowls. They expect the boy to drop the floor, get the tail shoved in their butt, then just kind of run around and play and be puppy-ish. 

If you have been to big events you have seen that type of headspace during the puppy play pits. 

There is nothing wrong with that type of play either. It is fun and liberating, and it allows the boy a moment of escape from the pressures of daily life be just letting go of stress, worries, expectations and responsibility, and spend time living in the moment. That is a major appealing point for pup play for many pups, include for me when I was a pup. 

But look back at the list of the other approaches for reaching headspace before that last one. Reread each of them.

If you changed the role from Handler/pup to Sir/boy, you will find those are the same tools a Sir can use to get the boy in the proper submissive headspace. And Sir/boy scenes are not limited to the tools I listed, though they are the common ones, still there are many ways in which a Sir can set up the scene and create the headspace for the boy that takes them to where they want to be, where they need to be. 

Personally, I believe that a lot of Handlers are taking on that role because they have a boy that is or wants to be a pup so they assume they will be the Handler. There are not a great many Handlers that seek out the role for their own kink without having a pup (though that number is quickly growing). The majority of Handlers are ones that pick it up because they are trying to fulfill a boy's desires for a type of play. And because they come at it from an oblique angle like that they don't see the parallels to the type of play they have always been doing as a Sir.  

Therefore they approach pup play with what they think it should be, or what they have seen in the big events, the romping around sort of random fun playful side of puppy play. 

I think that anyone who doesn't see the more serious side of this type of play, the type of puppy play that is a deeper exploration of connection, of tapping into a moment of pure instinctual motivations, hasn't experienced all that puppy play has to offer yet, and hasn't seen how far it can go. 

And I certainly understand that feeling. I create my scenes with my puppies in the mold of how I would have liked my puppy play could have gone when I was trying to be a pup. Not that I didn't get that with the three people that I have called my Handlers. This entire post is about the history and training they gave me, and my this serious side of puppy play is molded by my experiences with them. But in many ways it wasn't enough because I wanted to explore it more. 

I think that the tweet that originally starting me writing this is indicative of a lot boys out there that explored being a pup and didn't find the same level of fulfillment that other forms of play gave, and I understand that because I would have loved to find a Handler that it would have worked to explore deeper into the headspace, but the creation of the roles and traditions that teach the Handlers are just now being formed. 

So for those that haven't found the kind of play I am talking about, keep trying to find the Handlers that have this approach. They are out there, and their numbers are growing. For the handlers, it may be time for you t think about how you can apply lessons and approaches of your other play to create more intense scenes in the puppy world. Be free to experiment and explore. 

Because, I think that pup play is the same as Sir/boy play. 


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Muzzles - Leather or Neoprene

One of my very first gear purchases was the Leather Head Harness Muzzle. Over the years that thing has seen a ton of use, and it is still going strong and has got that worn leather look that makes it all the more hot to me. 

If you don't have a muzzle, you should. Relatively it is a rather inexpensive piece of head gear, and nothing establishes bondage and control on a boy like head bondage. With these, you get that great head bondage headspace while still giving the boy some vision while you get them into position (then can add the blindfold). 

But there is also out there the Neoprene Head Harness Muzzle, which is only a $10 buck difference for the base model. I don't own one myself, but I have played with them, and have to admit it is on the wish list to add one to the collection. 

So you may be asking yourself, which one to I get? 

Time for a Gear Shoot Out!

Leather head Harness Muzzle
There are a few really great things about this version versus the neoprene one:

  • There are a lot of options to be added to this one as a standard package. I don't know if you can get similar options on the neoprene one, as the Mr S site doesn't have those options listed. You would have to contact them to see if they can do custom options for the neoprene muzzle. 
  • The locking posts (at an additional $35) is probably essential. I have a set of locks that I use with this muzzle, and the sound of those locks clicking on around the head is one of the reasons why it creates such great headspace for the sub. 
  • I also opted for the padded muzzle (at an additional $25), which means this can be worn for long periods of time. Most often the problem with any head gear is the mouth and jaw start hurting, this padding helps remove that problem. 
  • You can also get an internal gag or an internal gag with a breathing tube pushed through. Mine doesn't have that option, but have played with ones that do and it does add to the experience. I would have to say that if I were to purchase this today I would probably get one of these two gags.
  • The sturdy construction of this muzzle and the strong leather means it is going to last and is ready for rough play. I am not saying that the Neoprene one isn't sturdy, but there are things that I have done with this one that I would be nervous doing with the neoprene, like suspension scenes or strained positions like the one of Dvous1 here with his neck pulled back.

Now I am going to admit my experience with this is limited, but since that has never stopped me from giving an opinion then here we go:
  • While the leather one has this sturdy feel to it, the neoprene one has a bit of flex and give, making it a ton more comfortable. 
  • Unfortunately it doesn't appear that there are locking buckles on it, but perhaps a call to Mr S would be a good idea to see if they can add it. Now, I don't think that I have ever put a boy in the head harness without some sort of other bondage that would prevent them from getting this muzzle off, but still you know how boys are and their need to be fully locked up!
  • Cleaning is so much easier with this. Wash off and wipe it off, Lube Be Gone! With the leather one, not so much. I wonder if anyone ever thinks about how many years of cum and lube build up is on my leather one as I am locking it on their head (they will now). 
  • I have been using a lot of neoprene in my scenes, just love the smell and feeling of it, and I have seriously thought about picking one of these up just so that I have one to match the set. I think that it looks particularly good with my Neoprene Straitjacket!

So which one to get? That may be more of what you are looking for. Personally I think that it comes down to a difference between comfort and functionality, which these two have really different strengths when looked through the that prism. Ultimately, if neoprene is a turn-on for you, I would go that way, otherwise, the leather one is probably the best.


Aww, I think they like each other!

Captured Surfer

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pic Sets - Neoprene Boy Part 2

This set is a continuation from Neoprene Boy Part 1

The pics from the last set showed my partner, Dvous 1, in a variety of positions while in the Neoprene Straitjacket from Mr S, and the Tight N Sharp Chaps from Fort Troff

But those pics were most from the set up, when we were just getting started. This ended up being a rather long scene. After taking some pics while he rolled on the ground, fruitlessly struggling against the bondage I decided it was time for the next step. 

I riled him over to a sitting position, and used a length of chain to connect his neck to the Locking Ankle Restraints on the boots. What this gave me was a boy in a perfect position for not being able to move away from what came next. I took the gag out, and stuff his mouth with my cock for a nice long throat fucking. 

Each thrust was entirely in my control on how much he was to take, since he couldn't pull his own head away, the chain preventing escape. I would vary the rhythm of the cock sucking, sometimes pulling back and not moving at all, allowing the boy to work on me as best he could, then slowly building up to a frenzy of thrusts into his fact, the boy struggling to remain relaxed and keeping the gag reflex from kicking in. 

This went on for well over an hour, edging myself each time he got me close by just stopping entirely all the movement if I thought I was going to cum, and letting my cock just sit in his throat until the moment passed, then starting the process all over again. I was close 6 times. 

While a very comfortable position for him to maintain, I was getting concerned about keeping him there for too long, and also it was time for the next step, so I unhooked the chain and stood him up. Leading him over to the bed he was placed face down. 

As you can see from the pics below, the chain ran from the back of the neck to under the chest, then through the arms and connected to his ankles. This left his legs in a wide open position, but also the pull of his legs was keeping a certain amount of pressure on the back of the neck and on the upper body, making it impossible for him to move from the position. 

With the ass vulnerable, it was time to fuck the boy. It was a tough position for him to take, but so worth it.

Gear Used in this Photo Set
Neoprene Straitjacket
Ultra Blindfold
Fetters Padded Locking Ankle Restraints
Inflatable Gag Tube

Guys in Singlets

Hot Daddies

New Tenga 3D

Also on the list of things to try!