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Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Birthday Post

I didn't celebrate my birthday with a lot of fanfair, rather wanting to spend the day at home with a bit of self-reflection on the year before and the year ahead, then had some friends over for dinner. 

My buddy, Kinkidiver came over a bit early before dinner and based on an earlier conversation him, he came into the playroom on arrival to find me already stewing hooded, gagged and bound up in the sleepsack. The electro on my balls and in my ass pulsing to put me in the proper headspace for when he was ready to start. 

While he played around with the electro and beat my balls I struggled away, but with straps and rope add around the table I could barely wiggle, and certainly couldn't get away. 

Unfortunately I forgot to hid the Uzi Stun Gun, which I haven't really used much of yet. 

But the promise of a hit from that thing direct to my balls when I came really was motivating me to not get off. 

Unfortunatley, a few hours in the sleepsack on constant electro was too much for me to stop myself from getting off under the constantant milking and banging on my balls. 

The result of the stun gun to the balls right at the moment of cumming speaks for itself. 

Despite all the rope, straps and the sleepsack itself, I managed to break a bolt on the bondage table. 

The camera wasn't rolling on this one, but that is ok. I got my revenge on Kinkidiver, and also recreated much the scene with a local boy a couple of days later, all on camera and coming soon. 

Quite the birthday!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Rope!

So I am sitting here with a pile of new rope that my hubby got me for Christmas. Since we are heading to go see the family and it arrived yesterday, he decided to give it to me early. And I couldn't be happier, been meaning to get some rope like this for a while. 

This is a nice, high quality hemp rope, and there is definitely a difference between it and the kinds of rope you are going to get in a hardware store. For one thing the rope bites itself well, so it doesn't slip around on you as you are working through the tie, really helpful when you are doing something complicated. Also, since the rope is working against itself, it isn't working against the skin as much, thus making the rope much easier to have on for longer periods of time. If I had used the cheap stuff I got from the hardware store for the tie below the boy would have been more sore and I would have had to pay more attention to circulation  issues. For the set below Dvous1 was in this position for the entire scene. 

I have mentioned it before, my husband is the world's best bj artist. Not trying to knock anyone else, and I have had a lot of great bj's, but my boy is over the top. So I like to find ways to force him into it, though he is more than willing to do it whenever. Just more fun to force him and fuck his face hard. He thinks so as well. 

Getting the Leather Puffy Hood with the wide mouth on it was definitely a good idea, this hood is perfect for blow jobs. Makes the boy get into the full bondage headspace, but still accessible for service. 

And makes for a great set of pics, and certaily a few way to break in the new rope! Can't wait to continue practicing

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bouncer's New Suit!

I was recently contacted by pup bouncer, who was telling me that he was going to help support the blog by getting his new suit from Mr S by clicking through the banner ads. I have to say I am very grateful for his choice to do that, and he sent in some pics to show us the results.

And as you can see form the pics below, he makes for a very hot puppy! 


For those that are curious, what the pup got was a Latex Catsuit Cod Piece Should Zips.

Hey Sparky, 

I had meant to give ya these somewhat sooner but I've either been too busy and spaced it or....enjoying my rubber too much (Seriously, way too much, lol).  I really need to remember to bring a camera out when I play with my friends because I totally SUCK at taking pics of myself, probably because I get way too distracted after I gear up ;-) I also didn't know if it was the right time, you see, since on my way up to see my Owner this weekend I read your post about personal struggles and after I got the suit this past Tuesday, I wasn't sure if it was the right time. 

I just didn't want to seem insensitive or self centered :3  I then thought, hey, maybe this will cheer him up at least! So there ya go, hehe.  About the suit itself; it is absolutely....incredible.  I don't think even that does it's like the summation of every fetish I have about TIGHT stuff rolled into ONE piece of gear that is completely flawless in quality, feel and style.  I have always wanted to feel rubber all over my body and, for the first time, I have and it really is completely bodacious XD  Believe it or not, the shoulder zips are HARD to get closed by yourself but, I managed and found a way to make it fairly simple from here on out ;D  The ability to put in my tail while wearing it was SO worth the ~3 week wait and for a garment not made to my specific measurements, it sure fits perfectly, only areas of contention are slightly under the knees and around the ankles but my boots will cover that most of the time.

      I pretty much have made the transformation I've always wanted to from human to pup and since my pup trigger(s) seem to focus on gear in general, it's like I've evolved into the pup I always wanted to be.  Ever since discovering this community and this form of role play I wanted to look and feel the way I do now and it's left me feeling so....fulfilled, happy, ecstatic (every positive adjective ever, lol).  When I first saw myself, all geared up like this, I just kept barkin' and rollin' around in astonishment and glee that I finally made such a transformation.  I guess it's the feeling of hiding away my human appearance and just being this pervy little puppy that makes me go wild, I dunno, maybe I seem a little obsessed (believe me, I'd probably agree with you).  All this excitement also has a lot to do with my personal journey from.....well, a very bad, abusive, controlling and all around hellish relationship into this new found life where I can express myself and, now, fully realize my fantasies with great friends and people to share these experiences with along the way.  It all just leaves me feeling super grateful and fulfilled, not just sexually but emotionally and psychologically.  Even you just wanting to see my pictures makes me feel so happy to be able to share a piece of myself with people and they enjoy seeing what I have to share; it makes me feel like I belong in this community and I'm going in the right direction :)  Grrrrrrrr Woof, but anyways, lol, got on a tangent there (see how excited of a puppy I've become? and I'm just TALKING about rubber, this is why I'm named Bouncer cuz I'm so excited I bounce around all the time >_<') Feel free to do with these whatever you see fit broski and again, thanks a bunch!  It's people like you that make newbies feel comfortable enough to poke their heads up and explore things to better find themselves and it's people like you that make our community so goddamn fantastic!! *Mega Lix* WOOF!!!!! *wagwagwagz* 

     Oh, by the way, I hope things are going fine for you and that everything works out okay, I know ya don't know me from Adam but you are a really awesome person and I just hope you can get your head back to where ya want it, Sparky :-) Best of luck to you!

Christmas Ornament

So my friend of many years, puppy spike, gave me this cool little ornament that he made. It's a little Sparky Pup, as you can tell by the colors, and the muzzle! You can even see that the little guy is mitted. 

I love it, thank you for making it puppy! Good boy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Duct Tape Boy

It had been a while since I tried to do any kind of duct tape bondage, so I decided to do a mummification scene with the boy (Dvous1). The base layer of using a thick black pallet wrap, I have to admit, is not the best idea, because the size of the roll is so large it is hard to get it even. to the duct tape layers on top, even after pain staking laying out, end up not being as smooth. 

But ended up still looking hot!

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Building Pain Tolerance - A Follow up

I should cover a couple of quick thoughts here regarding the post that I put up yesterday regarding Pain Tolerance. 

First, one of the pups I respect and hope to get to meet in person one day is bootbrush, and  love following his blog (located at He recently posted up his own thoughts on this topic and it was definitely very interesting. You have to check it out.

Also, a little mortified that I keep misspelling tolerance. Gots to quit writing these posts first thing in the morning when I am not fully awake!

I also wanted to say that I am a little concerned that I may have left the wrong impression of totally shitting on those that I referred to as the newer kinks because not everyone practices this form of building that I talked about. My thoughts are broken into these three points:

  1. Still Learning - I am probably the most familiar with the rubber community, primarily because I know some of the guys that have been around for years in it and have heard the history, and I can tell you even in the rubber world things are still evolving. I tend to think of rubber has reaching a level of adolescence on the path to maturity, as opposed to the leather community that is in his more advanced years. The other kinks that are a part of the new kink worlds (like the pups, pigs, furries and gear heads) are in various stages but still early in the development. I am not deriding anyone for not having the traditions but rather calling out that while we tend to rebel against the old guard traditions a bit, there are still things we can learn and take as our own.
  2. Still my favorite - As I said in my post, I identify more with the newer kink worlds rather than the old guard, but I really didn't explain why. I hinted to it back in my post regarding MIR. All the groups that I identified as being the new kinks have one common trait - JOY! The party that I went to at Rubberasylum's there was a great deal of happiness and frolicking good times (and a lot of very cute furry boys and pups). MIR was a joyful event. I compare that to the forays I have done into the old guard groups, and while there are good times to be had, there is always a heaviness to the parties and events. I challenge you to look around at IML (the great mixing pot of kinks) and not tell me that on the  whole the gear heads/rubberboys/pigs/pups are all expressing the fun they are having much more openly than the leather crowd. Not that they aren't having a good time, but they a bit more dour about it. My choice is the more joyful side.
  3. Nothing Wrong with the other - I may have indicated that the approach of going for intensity right away was not for me, but I don't necessarily want to say that it has no place. Creating connection and reaching levels of intensity that take the sub on a journey are not necessarily always needed. I respect the fact that some of the newer boys can take a beating that I am never going to, and be able to take it right out of the gate. I just want to also point out to them there is another approach that is worth exploring as well, and I hope they are finding those connections, those moments of true intensity that bring a boy and Sir to a new place between them. But I must also acknowledge that sometimes, some subs just want to be a prop, and that is ok if everyone is on board with that. 

This is a subject that can go on forever, and I have to think that perhaps I should write from the perspective of a Dom and what they get out of taking someone on this journey. Or perhaps I should do a detailed write up of my next visit with my puppy, since he and I have those connections I am talking about and looking forward to creating a new one very soon. 

One of my favorite parts of exploring these kinks is just how many facets there are. I am looking forward to exploring them all.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Building Pain Tolerence

The ability to receive pain and reaching pain thresholds (and even pushing beyond them) have been on my mind lately. Primarily because I have been witness to some various forms of pain inducing scenes and been a part of them as well, and there are some surprising differences in the nature of who is implementing them. 

First let me take what some may consider Old Guard techniques (that is a convenience term only, I don't particularly believe that term is what people think it is). When observing those that keep the Old Guard leather traditions there does seem to be a real effort on the Top's part to build the sub's pain threshold and take them on a journey. I have witnessed numerous times when the instrument's used to induce the pain, take for instance whips or floggers, the Top would increase the intensity of the scene over time, by getting heavier instruments, increasing the intensity of the swing, or increasing the rhythm, all in an effort to reach that moment of floating that comes from the endorphin rush as well as the sub being so completely in the moment they lose connection to all else, creating a moment of bliss. 

That journey often looks like this:

I would contrast that to what I have seen in some of the newer kinks, often populated by younger kinksters that are just starting out in their kinks, and often do not hold strict reverence for the traditions of the leather community. In many ways I am much more in that world that I am in the leather crowd, as I count the new kinks as being the rubberist, the pups, the pigs, and the gear heads, all of which I identify with. And recently become more and more exposed to the furries, who is also part of the new group.

For these new kinks,  the approach to the application of pain can vary a great deal, including following that same pattern. My first foray into heavy CBT followed the same path, with growth in intensity building over time until I reached that moment of bliss. 

The concern that I have is that I have also seen those in the newer kinks go for intensity that seems to start out  quite heavy, with little in the way of building in technique or allowance for the sub to reach a plateau. There may be some variance in the intensity, but seems to be a more binary approach, between heavy, and a little less than heavy. 

It almost seems as if the approach is more like:

Don't get me wrong, I don't think that there is anything wrong with this approach. There are a lot of people that can go to this spot. There is a local kinkster that can immediately go to the spot of getting kicked in the balls right away. And god love him for it, because I can't. Not my thing and tends to just piss me off. But I have been witnessing numerous times of scenes with newer kinksters that just go right to the intensity.

It has been on my mind because I told someone recently at a party that I am not into impact play. Those words felt flat even as I said them, especially considering there are several videos out there now of my nutts getting some pretty good abuse. So I have been thinking about why it is that I said it.

There are a couple of beliefs that I have come to since exploring the one particular form of impact play, CBT. While those that go to a certain intensity level immediately, I tend to believe from my own experience that my ability to reach levels of endurance and in fact reaching that point of bliss depends not only on building within a scene, but raising the baseline from scene to scene, creating a connection between Dom and sub.

Over time, as the sub's experiences increase with coping with the pain, the starting point is higher and higher, creating an ability in the scene to start out more intense. Thus experienced subs can take higher and higher levels of pain. This looking like this:

Notice how as the number of scenes increase and as the sub's baseline starting point is higher each time, the more flat the path to get to the end point becomes. The plateaus become less and less of a differential, and therefore less necessary. 

So when you compare that with those that just go for intensity in their impact play, without paying attention to the baseline building, are likely mimicking what they see from a sub that has received good training and has built their baseline up to the point where they start off high. And it really makes me wonder if the sub is able to get to that same place of blissful "living-solely-in-the-moment" feeling that someone under a more skilled hand gets.

There are those that may disagree, but I will give you two proof points as to why I have come to believe this. 

In 1972 a study was conducted where subjects were given stimuli in the form of electro-shocks, with a control group and another group that received information about the pain they were going to receive. What they found is that the subjects more informed about the experience were able to endure higher levels of pain than those who did not, primarily because the process of becoming informed of what was happening to them build bonds of trust and decreased the subject's sense of impending danger, allowing for them to endure more than those that didn't have those bonds. 

A few years ago another study was conducted with patients to see if their ability to cope with chronic pain could be affected by the use of mediation, with a surprising and marked increase in the patients ability to tolerate the pain after only a few sessions of meditation, and a subsequent reduction in their dependence on pain medication. This was attributed primarily to the psychological affects of the mediation to create calm, trust and faith in the process. 

I find it hard to believe that most sub's have the ability to reach higher levels of pain tolerance from those that practice a technique of just going for intense pain from the beginning. The sub doesn't have the time to learn from the experience, gain trust, or reach levels of inner calm by becoming acclimated to the pain they experience before being taken to the next plateau. 

In fact I think in those cases sub is merely a prop as a part of expression of sadism. So when I am saying I am not into impact play, I am more saying I am not interested in being someone's prop but rather to be taken on a journey to reach new levels and experiences that I never did before, and I need to know the person inflicting the pain as the control and ability to take me there.

And I wonder if the traditions that existed in the leather world were there to help teach that to the new sadists among us. 

Past Play: Dvous1 Sports Gear

Pulling back up some of the old pics, ran across this little gem of a collection, with the hubby all tied up and ready to be abused in his UA gear and gagged with my jock. 

Any guesses what happened to the poor boy after the last photo!

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Video - Rubber Puppy Play - Part 3

One of the best parts of having a connection with a special boy is that the scenes you have with them are so much fun. HeroPup is definitely one of those special boys, and I always look forward to the times I get to spend with him. 

In Part 1 we spent a lot of time with him in pup mode, which was fun to see and definitely fun to feel as the pup played with his bone for the night. And in Part 2 getting the pup all trussed up in the sleepsack, straps and rope, and edging him while the electro pounded his ass ended up making me super horny. I will also point out that in everything I post, there is a lot left out, and there certainly was in this scene that I didn't show between Part 1 and 2. 

So after the pup came and I took him out of the sleepsack, I wanted to try combining a few things that I hadn't done with the pup for a while. Rimming him is always fun and he makes such wonderful noises when i do it. And it is fun to be see what the pup does when I am tied up and he has the control for a bit. 

The result of all that together is this video, which ranks right up there with the hottest things I have done, and hope you enjoy it as well. The puppy did a great job!

Gear Used in this Video
Tailored Heavy Rubber Hood Zip Back
Latex Cat Suit Cod Piece Shoulder Zips
Eros Tek ET302R 2 Channel Remote Controlled E-Stim Unit
Electrified WMCBP (Electro Butt Plug)

Direct Link to Video

Just hanging about

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Getting ready to be adorable!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Checkout Rubberzone!

Hey, lookey there! Those perves over at Rubberzone ended up using the photos from the pup in the garden! Awesome! Some times the those last minute photo shoots that just pop into my head end up being fun!