Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dreadfire's IML Chronicles

My name is Dreadfire. These are the chronicles of my IML weekend. 

  A month before IML.. my boyfriend, Smarmaduke, and I went into chastity. I was in a CB3K and he was in the CB6K. I bought him a Steelworx device. The slave I was going to have for the weekend did as well. 
  slave discussed submition to me for a weekend of slavery. it was given a series of tasks to help bring itself into the headspace needed for his slavery. Also reinforced by mp3s.
  A request, slave wanted to be used as an urinal. A list of men was given to me. it contacted them with this letter (post letter)
  Throughout the weekend, the list of men would contact me, requesting his urinal services. its mouth was put to good use, More ways than one. 

  Early morning Saturday, some of the boys in our suite were awake early. Everyone having their morning wood provided a good opportunity to tie them all down.
  All of them were gagged, and each were given the particular style bondage they enjoyed. 

  I vet wrapped Smarmaduke completely in a gimp style mummification. The slave was made to blow him while I had my way with the slave's ass.

  My slave and I ready to go down the leather mart. It was gagged properly and goggles added to take away its identity completely. Only known as slave.

  Cute local boy wanted some time in bondage, and I was happy to oblige.

  The slave was not the only person that was given assignments. Sleepsackboy shaved his body completely, providing a canvas for duct tape to skin bondage. Being a bondage pig, he was left like this for some time. 

Later that afternoon, two boys found themselves in trouble. 

OtterlyAbsurb (not just a clever name lol) had quality time at the CHC with Reddywhp as the demo bottom. 

  Reddywhp and Smarmaduke were tied down together. I kept them both on edge fairly easily, due to they both hadn't cum much during the event. 
  Smarm had earplugs in with a rubber isolation hood, while Mr. whp dawned the neoprene straightjacket. 

  For my month of chastity, I had a variety of orders. One of the rules was to send a daily email, chronicling my chastity for that day. Each email had to be in before midnight. Each time I was late, an additional punishment was added. This punishment was spanking. I don't enjoy spanking, My ass took it. Barely. 

The weekend was an overwhelming success. I topped, I bottomed, and a good time was had by all. 

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Blogs to Check Out: Rubber Pig Object

OMG, you have to check out this Tumblr from the rubber pig object, it is a damn hot read and from a hot rubber boy. Especially his recent project of being sealed up for 48 hours (fell a little short, but damn it if wasn’t hot none the less). Wouldn’t it be a hot time to be with him all rubbered up like that!


You are going to love it!



Skin boot boys


I want to lick the boots and work my way up!


Tied in Bike Gear


Asylum Cast - Episode 12

So we got our first real piece of hate mail, and ooh boy did we really step in it this time. We take the time to run through the mail and exactly explain what it is that we hope to accomplish with this podcast. And for some reason it isn't racism or homophobia!  

To get the full details go to

Hope you all enjoy it!

OMG - I Might not have lost all the videos!

I thought that I lost all my vids in the recent hard drive crash, but I think that I found a back up of at least the unpublished ones. Ok, time to get them ready!